The Toast | Lotus

I won’t deny that I love pop music. Laugh at me all you want but there is nothing like a catchy, pop song to get you through the day. Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of good pop music these days. When I heard Christina Aguilera was putting ou

t a new album, I felt fairly confident that pop music had started to redeem itself once again. Though her last album, Bionic, tanked and felt like she was trying way too hard, I was hoping she’d gone back to her roots of pop music or even tried another old school album like Back to Basics. This was not the case.

Before I begin this review, I must say that this album wasn’t her worst effort but it definitely wasn’t her best either. It has its ups and downs but for someone who can actually sing, Aguilera should have put a lot more effort and heart into her record.

What really puzzles me to this day is why musicians feel like they have to remind you that they’re sexual or sex symbols. That’s a complete turn off for me, what I think is sexy is confidence and subtly. Aguilera has never been very good at this (remember “Dirrty”? A guilty pleasure, but still proves my point) and with her lead single “Your Body” she is yet again reminding her listeners that she is a sexual creature. The video itself is pretty gross and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. She’s like a praying mantis; she mates and then gets rid of them. I guess she’s just some sort of man-eater. The song lacks in a lot of departments. It’s not catchy and the lyrics are awful and outlandish. From the moment I heard the song, I was pretty much over it.

Luckily, she calls in some back up in the form of her “The Voice” co-judges to pick up the album. “Make the World Move” features Cee Lo Green and is one of the highlights of the record. I like this song for a couple of reasons, one of them being the positive message it sends (“turn up the love, turn down the hate” ) and the other being that instead of being overtly sexy, it’s just a funky and fun song. I also must admit, there isn’t a lot of music that features Cee Lo Green that I hate. If Aguilera did more carefree, fun tracks like this her album would have been solid.

One of Christina Aguilera’s strong points has always been the power ballads that allow her to showcase her outstanding vocals. Aguilera went through a divorce in 2010 and the song “Just a Fool” was her chance to work through the demons she has been dealing with. And who knows about heartache better than a country star? Blake Shelton joins her in this heartbreaking lament. I think what makes this duet great is the contrasting tone of their voices. His country twang with her soulful soprano just hits the spot. The album also needed more tracks like this instead of trash like “Your Body.”

After almost three years between albums, it’s hard to make a comeback, especially after a flop. “Lotus” was a valiant effort, but in the end, the album was only mediocre. Aguilera has an amazing voice and shouldn’t waste it on smut to prove a point. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.



Written by: Katie Sperduti





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