The Toast | Wristcutters: A Love Story

Some movies never get the recognition they deserve. Instead, we get movies like Liz and Dick starring Lindsay Lohan stealing all the spotlight (by the way, it got horrible reviews). I recently had the the urge to watch one of my favorite m

ovies (which spawned one of my favorite soundtracks).

The movie is called Wristcutters: A Love Story. Don’t let the dark title and subject deter you from this movie. After a rough break up, Zia (Patrick Fugit) decides to end it all by committing suicide. Where he ends up could be considered worse than the world he was living in before. He ends up in the afterlife, which is a lot like purgatory, full of people who have also committed suicide. There’s a big difference about this world, no one is allowed to be happy. That means no smiling, laughing, or anything else a happy person would do. It’s a pretty dull world.

Zia manages to find a job at a pizza shop and makes friends with a Russian musician named Eugene (Shea Whigham) who is spending the afterlife, with his whole family, which is pretty strange but pretty cool at the same time. Some time later, Zia finds out that Desiree (Leslie Bibb), the girlfriend that drove him to suicide, killed herself shortly after he did. This means that she is also in the after life. He convinces Eugene to come with him to find out where she is.

The two men take a road trip to find Desiree and on their way they pick up a hitchhiker named Mikal (Shannyn Sossamon) who strongly believes that she is this purgatory by accident. She accidentally overdosed on drugs and ended up there. She is looking for the PIC (People In Charge) so she can plead her case and get out of there.

The group end up meeting some strange characters, like Kneller (Tom Waits) who runs a camp full of other people who are lost. They end up meeting Kneller when he is laying in the road after searching for hours for his dog Freddy. Did I mention that his camp is full of miracles?

While in the search for his lost love Desiree, a spark ignites between Zia and Mikal, but he forgets all about it when he reunites with Desiree. She has joined a cult lead by the Messiah (Will Arnett).

What I don’t understand is why more people don’t know about this movie. It’s a fantastic story with an eclectic and talented cast. Though the movie is from 2006, I think this will be a film people will be able to enjoy and relate to years from now. And the soundtrack includes songs from Joy Division and Gogol Bordello, who I hear Eugene’s character is based on.

Though the movie topic seems dark, the movie has some very light parts and a lot of humor. If you are having a tough time finding a new movie that interests you, why not try something a little older but still fantastic (no matter how many times I watch it).



Written by: Katie Sperduti




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