The Toast | Christmas Playlist Necessities

Happy December everyone! ‘Tis the season for overeating, overspending and overplayed Christmas music at holiday parties. If you’re like me, years in retail has made you bitter and grinch-like towards the holidays and its soundtrack. Luckily, I hav

e found some great holiday music for your playlist this season, classic songs and originals, that will surely drive that humbug right out of you and make those parties much more enjoyable.

1.“Santa Claus is coming to town” – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

No playlist is complete without the Boss, and this twist on the classic Christmas song is a necessity. What makes this track fun is the playful banter between Springsteen and his band during the intro of the song, especially when he asks the late Clarence Clemons if he’s been practicing real hard.

2 “Oi! to the world” – No Doubt

This track is Christmas original and was first done by The Vandals. I love their version but there is something about Gwen Stefani and the boys of No Doubt that just gives it a life of its own. Maybe it’s the Ska music, maybe it’s the energy and charisma that the band brings to all their music, but there’s something about the excitement in Stefani’s voice that just puts me in a great mood around the holidays.

3. “Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight)” – The Ramones

Let’s be honest here, Christmas isn’t all sugar cookies, peace and love. There’s usually a fight between family members for some reason or another, and The Ramones took this part of the holidays and ran with it. The music video for the song is actually pretty funny with a couple fighting over a holiday party, gifts and then actually getting into a physical fight. So, next time your sweetie picks a fight with you this holiday season, maybe play them this song to break the tension.

4.“Please come home for Christmas” – Jon Bon Jovi

If there was a category for sultry Christmas songs (and videos to go along with it) Jon Bon Jovi’s take on this classic Christmas song would win hands down. The subject of the song is a bit of a downer, but Bon Jovi gives it a touch of blues (no pun intended) and for a second, maybe you forget that you’re all alone on Christmas. This is one of the few songs that played in every store I worked at that I didn’t grow to hate (and hopefully, neither will you!)

5.“Last Christmas” – Wham!

Okay, so this song is dangerously cheesy but that’s what makes it so good. Who else writes a breakup song during Christmas (I just challenged you, Taylor Swift)? Wham! gives breakups the holiday treatment and they have never sounded so good around Christmas time. There have been many covers of this song, but none nearly as good as the original.

I’m sure I’ve missed more than few great Christmas songs, but these are five that I have always included on my holiday playlist. Whatever you and your family celebrate, Happy Holidays and enjoy the season (as stressful and hectic as it may be).



Written by: Katie Sperduti




One thought on “The Toast | Christmas Playlist Necessities

  1. Man, while I wholeheartedly agree with the Springsteen, I have to disagree entirely with ‘Last Christmas’. It’s an awful, awful song. You want a Christmas song with a breakup? ‘Fairy Tale of New York’ by The Pogues.

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