The Toast | Women of Men’s Destruction Reviewed

<img class="alignleft wp-image-1321" title="wmdscover" src="

” alt=”” width=”294″ height=”294″ />It seems like when you hear about a breakup song, movie or book, it’s usually written by a woman. Society usually views breakups from a woman’s perspective and we forget that men go through the situation, too.  Eat Your Serial’s Marty Evan provides the male perspective of a broken heart with Women of Men’s Destruction.

If Taylor Swift were a bitter, jaded, but witty, male, she would be protagonist Nave Mitchell Bruno. His back-story is a familiar one; boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl cheats on boy, boy gets heart broken. Yes Ladies, men are capable of feelings, too! Burned by a bad break up, Nave decides to swear off relationships and enjoy his bachelor-hood with his friends Jep, Tommy and Scooter, who have also been scorned by the women that they all loved.

I must admit that this story and I got off to a bad start with a tasteless joke in the first chapter.  To play fair, even Evans made the narrator of the story say it was tasteless, but I didn’t want to let one bad sentence in the whole story to keep me from reading. I also had to keep in mind that this is written from a male’s point of view, and the male and female sense of humor can be quite different.

As the story moves forward, we learn about the different breakups these men went through. Nave discovered his girlfriend of two years, Rhoya, sleeping with another man, Jep suffered a similar fate with his girlfriend Karen, Tommy and his partner Jules had a dysfunctional relationship filled with mutual infidelities and arguments, but still remain “friends” (with benefits), and Scooter’s ex-girlfriend Anne made him feel inadequate and dumb. She also broke up with him on his birthday. These men have all been through situations anyone, man or woman, can relate to but what they decide to do afterward may not be so familiar to everyone.

After learning that his ex has been looking for him at one of his favorite bars, Nave decides to talk to her when she shows up one night. Seeing her in tears gives Nave the idea to take the upper hand and invite her over to his place. He may not have a set plan, but he knows this is his chance to take advantage of the power he has over a clearly distraught Rhoya.
Unfortunately for Nave, Rhoya is pretty good at the deception game herself and he doesn’t really have the upper hand after their visit, but this feeling of defeat doesn’t last for long. He comes up with a plan that will get revenge for him and his burnt friends.

Though some of the humor is crude and at times a bit sexist, anyone who has been through a bad breakup and wanted revenge on his or her heart breaker can relate to this story. If you’re easily offended, this probably isn’t the best story for you, but if you’re dying to know how Nave’s plan worked out, you’ll have to read it for yourself.


Written by: Katie Sperduti




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