The Toast | Koi No Yokan

The Deftones released their seventh studio album Koi No Yokan last month. Clearly, the album name is in another language. A quick Google search brought me to the website that explained that “Koi No Yokan,” simply put, means that when a pers

on first meets someone they can sense that they will fall in love. This is much like the English “love at first sight” concept, but an album full of love songs from the Deftones?

Not exactly. While the band has never lacked passion in their music, this album did have some romantic elements to it. Could the recent marriage of lead singer Chino Moreno be the inspiration? Whatever the inspiration was, Ki No Yokan is one of those albums you listen to from start to finish without skipping a single track.

The first single, “Leathers,” draws the listeners in with a sense of calm guitars until Moreno breaks in with his signature snarl. The transition from calm to chaotic, the hushed whisper of Moreno’s voice to a scream, these are a few of my favorite things about the Deftones and are elements that the band has perfected over the years. The song itself is one of strength, about speaking your mind and being yourself. This may be too literal of a translation, but with lyrics like “This is your chance
Revolt, resist! Open your chest Look down, reach in” and “Shed your casing, show your lines and shapes,” one can’t help but feel empowered.

I’ve always felt like the Deftones had a lot of lust incorporated in their music so to hear a love song from there isn’t too far fetched. Listening to the song “Romantic Dreams” felt like a romantic seduction. The sweetest line of the song? “I promise to watch and raise your babies.” What can I say? I’m a sucker for a guy who loves kids.

“Tempest” is beautiful. The eerie ambiance of the guitar is what initially draws you into the song. But like most of the Deftones’ songs, just because it starts off slow, doesn’t mean it will stay that way. I enjoy the emotional build up the band presents in all of their music. So much beautiful tension all waiting to be broken.

One of the more striking tracks on the album, “Rosemary,” is another love song. The song is almost seven minutes long and reminds me of a wedding proposal. “Stay with me As we cross the empty skies Come sail with me We play in dreams As we cross the space and time Just stay with me.” After what sounds like desperately pouring your heart out, the song transitions from aggressive to tranquil and finishes off with light ambient electronic music and guitars fading into silence. It is spectacular.

It’s great to hear another album from one of my favorite bands. After the 2008 accident that badly injured their bassist Chi Cheng, fans (including myself) anxiously awaited for their next move (and album). Their 2010 album Diamond Eyes was worth waiting for and gave fans hope they would continue to move forward. This album has a lot of heart and even though it touched on some topics that might not necessarily be expected from the Deftones, it did not and will not disappoint.



Written by: Katie Sperduti





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