How to Create Your Own Cartoons with Latest Technology

Some iconic, exciting and unusual cartoons have been created over the years. Can you think of your favourite? There is Scooby Doo – who can forget about the big, brown and lovable dog? And what about Jake from Adventure Time – an unusual yellow looking dog? Moving away from animals there is Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory – pretty much the cartoon equivalent of a Barbie Doll. There is Dexter himself cutting a striking figure with his ginger hair, big glasses and lab outfit. What about Johnny Bravo – who can forget his big blonde quiff and hunky muscles?

How would you or your children like to create your own cartoons? You may be surprised to learn that there are lots of innovative games available nowadays that give you the opportunity to create cartoon characters. Can you come up with someone better than The Powerpuff Girls? What about Tom and Jerry – do you think you could create a better duo? The possibilities are endless, and the following cartoons give you the chance to tune into your creative side.

Gallery of Imagination

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is a popular American cartoon. It features a monumental number of oddly designed cartoon characters. There is a blue domed cylinder called ‘Bloo’. There is a hugely tall and red coloured character called ‘Wilt’. And that is without mentioning the character that is a cross between a palm tree, a bird, and an airplane. The Gallery of Imagination allows you to create your own imaginary friends who can form part of the ‘Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends’ clang. Bearing in mind the crazy characters featured in the cartoon itself, you can imagine the potential associated with this game.

Ben 10 Alien Maker

Ben 10 is a cartoon character who is taking over the world – quite literally. There are a huge number of animated series, films, and video games based on Ben 10. But, the Alien Maker game has to be one of the best. If you or yourchild has watched Ben 10 then you will be aware of all the intriguing, unusual, and devastating aliens featured in the cartoon. But, do you think you could design a better alien? Now is your chance. The Ben 10 Alien Maker game gives you the opportunity to design a deadly and dramatic alien.

Gumball Character Creator

The Amazing World of Gumball is a show about a blue cat called Gumball Watterson. The characters in the show are unusual, vibrant and exciting. Aside from Gumball, there is a goldfish, a light pink rabbit, and many more. This game allows people to create a character that is fitting for the show. Do you want to add a dog to the world of Gumball? What about a bird? Or perhaps you would like to add another cat to rival Gumball? The choice is entirely yours!

The three games mentioned in this article are a mere three of the best that allow you to create your own cartoon character. There are actually a lot of other games available that give you this opportunity too. All you need to do is search online and try all of the free games available. You will be able tocreate a character suited to Adventure Time, another suited to Scooby Doo, another character who would fit in with the Powerpuff Girls, and so on and so forth. Time to let your creative side shine!

Author bio – 

Donna Baxter is a freelance journalist. She watched cartoons, such as Adventure Time, as a research tool for this article.


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