There’s Something About Mary

While flipping through the channels yesterday, I saw a young Cameron Diaz on TV, but I couldn’t figure out what movie it was right away. Before I could click the info button on my remote BOOM! There’s Ben Stiller and my day was made. There’s Something About Mary happens to be one the very few movies featuring Cameron Diaz or Ben Stiller that I actually enjoy.

In case you missed this movie in 1998, it was a quirky comedy directed by The Farrelly Brothers about former high school geek Ted (Ben Stiller) and his object of affection, Mary (Cameron Diaz).  Back in high school, the geek got the girl to go to prom with him but an unfortunate (and hilarious) series of events keeps the two from actually getting to go and before you know it, Mary’s family moves away and Ted is left with regret for the one that got away.

Years later, a grown up Ted is looking to reunite with his lost love and hires sketchball detective Pat Healy ( Matt Dillon) at the suggestion of friend Dom (Chris Elliot). Healy does his research and finds Mary in Florida and he also finds himself completely smitten with Mary. Instead of doing the job he was hired for, he decides to pursue Mary himself.  When he returns to tell Ted all about his trip, he gives him misleading information about Mary. According to Healy, she’s a “deuce, deuce and a half,” wheelchair bound and a mother of four from three different fathers. After getting Ted out of his way, he moves down to Florida to put his plan in action to woo Mary.

A short time later, Ted is still obsessing over Mary and how he’s lost his chance forever to his friend from high school, Bob (Willie Garson) and how much she’s changed. Bob is quick to correct him that she’s still “a fox”, she’s an orthopedic surgeon and he just saw her a couple weeks ago at a convention. Having a renewed sense of hope, Ted goes to find Dom to tell him the good news and Dom convinces him to take action into his own hands and go to Mary, what’s he got to lose?

His trip down to Florida proves to be quite eventful, which includes a run in with the law. I won’t ruin it for you but as some advice for all you making pit stops for bathroom breaks when you’re on the road, it’s probably best to wait for an actual rest stop. The rest of the movie consists of Healy trying to foil Ted’s chance at love, but Healy isn’t the only man Ted has to fight to win the affections of Mary.

Full of toilet humor, uncomfortable nudity, romance, a Brett Farve cameo, and of course, the infamous “hair gel” scene (if you haven’t seen this, I won’t spoil it for you), this movie has it all.  In my opinion, Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller give their best performances in this movie, and it is sure to go down in history as a classic in the comedy genre. If you can catch it, it’s playing on the E! Network now as part of their “Movies We Love” program.



Written by: Katie Sperduti




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