Wreck-It Ralph

When I was younger, I was obsessed with Disney movies and the characters. The princesses, the witches/villains, all of them. Now, I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I root for the bad guy in a movie instead of the hero. What? You think that’s twisted? In my opinion, the villain is a much more interesting character with a more developed back-story. You care more about the character, even if you’d care to see them fail.  In the case of the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph, the bad guy turns out to be the “villain” and the hero.

How does a character play the good and the bad card? Quite easily when that guy is video game “bad” guy Ralph (John C. Reilly). Ralph is the villain in a game called “Fix-It Felix Jr.” and his sole purpose of the game is to destroy a building and watch it get fixed by the good guy, Felix (Jack McBrayer ), who will end up wining a medal if he defeats Ralph. Everyone loves Felix and he is always getting medals. The problem with this situation for Ralph is nobody loves the bad guy.

Ralph tries to get over these hang ups at meetings called “Bad-anon,” which is run by a ghost from the “Pac-Man” game and functions as aa support group where all bad guys can just be themselves. Ralph confesses to his fellow villains that he’s sick of being bad. As you could imagine, this didn’t go over very well, but it did produce one of the best lines of the movie “…you are bad guy, but this does not mean you are *bad* guy.”

Ralph, not being satisfied with his meeting, goes back home to his game where he discovers the rest of the characters having a party for the game’s 30th anniversary. Understandably, he feels left out and decides to try to get in.  Bad move, Ralph. Once he gets in, he’s not welcomed very warmly. In fact, they drive him out saying he’ll always be a bad guy and he could never be good or earn a medal like Felix.

If Ralph were Barney Stinson, his next words would be “challenge accepted” because after that party, he goes off in search of a new video game for him to earn a medal in and prove everyone in “Fix-It Felix Jr.” wrong.

Wreck-It Ralph is another Disney movie that is not just for kids. Adults will appreciate the nostalgia that the arcade full of old games will bring (and even some of the bad guys in “bad-anon”) even if the kids do not have a clue of what the games are. It’s also got a silly humor that both adults and kids will enjoy (come on, who doesn’t enjoy a good doodie joke at any age?!). The movie is also full of stars like Ed O’Neil, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman and Mindy Kaling.  Wreck-It Ralph is the perfect movie for the whole family to enjoy and it’s out on DVD and BluRay now.



Written by: Katie Sperduti




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