Eat Your CEO- April 2013

Dear Flakes,

As we mark the second anniversary of the Eat Your Serial website and the fourth anniversary of Eat Your Serial Inc., I’d like to take a moment to thank my co-founders, partners, staff, and freelancers in this endeavor for their dedication, hard work, love, patience, creativity, and most of all friendship in making this project…this company…a most worthwhile part of my life. I must also thank my predecessors at the helm of the company both Former President Shawn Abraham and Former CEO and current Editor Emeritus David Missal as the foundational leadership that they have left for me to build on is the basis of greatness. I certainly hope that Eat Your Serial has become a part of yours, Dear Flakes, and I must thank you most of all–without you there would be no reason to continue writing, posting, publishing, and snarking. Thanks for letting us inform and entertain you.

With that said, I am glad to announce that I have bloodily wrestled Mr. Missal and Mr. Abraham in a deadly Hell-in-the-Cell-Loser-Moves-to-Australia-Forever match. Seriously though, as I take the role of CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Eat Your Serial I feel that I have been entrusted with a great brand of writing and entertainment. Expect to see great things and new things coming soon and coming quickly–from new media to new platforms to Eat Your Serial (and hopefully buy your serial). Those of you who received our newest newsletter–Box Tops–in your e-mail today know that we are not only selling e-books on, but also are issuing great coupon deals on our amazing library of books for those of you who choose to subscribe. Smashwords is not the only venue that is new to us…expect to see the Eat Your Serial library popping up on the Barnes and Noble online store, iBooks, and several other venues–you can even request that your local library purchase a digital copy of one of our books and take it out from there. We’re delivering our stories to you from every possible angle. (Did I mention we have some great video content in the works already? Uh oh…cat’s out of the bag now…we better deliver on that).

That said, we are not limiting ourselves to just words anymore. Prose is a wonderfully versatile medium of expression and most of us happen to be writers and editors first and foremost–but baby, we’re looking to get all kinds of serial down your eye sockets and earholes. Consider this the clarion call for poets, film and movie makers, theater groups, photographers, musical acts, artists, and graphic novelists/comic book creators…all creative people–Eat Your Serial wants you too. If you have a story to tell, or a message to deliver…we want to help you get it to your audience. We are expanding our scope. If you have a podcast, pitch it to us. If you have a column, pitch it to us. You wrote and filmed a play, pitch it to us. You’ve got a comic book idea, pitch it to usWe’re ready to help you spread your art and your message. Drop us a line at or submit via our website, .

But don’t let that fool you–we are just as committed to serialized novels, short stories, and columns across a wide area of genres as ever. We are currently looking to expand our catalog of Feature Content–in fact April, May, and June will see an influx of new content and talent to expand and create sections in Video Games, Fashion, and Politics…and really much more. If there’s something we’re missing drop us a line…hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, (or the other social networks we’ll soon be moving into) or right here at homebase: The Eat Your Serial website and tell us what we need to do to keep you eating a quality meal of entertainment.

We’ve got a great team that we are looking to grow, and a great library and catalogue that we want to diversify. So while we look at our past and see how far we’ve come…from an unwieldy e-mail thread pleading its participants to click “Reply All” to a publishing house with a growing list of really wonderful, quality books on a number of platforms…I’d rather look at all the places we dream to go to. So come along and Eat Your Serial with us. I promise it’ll never be boring and will always be tasty, quality entertainment.


Eat it.

Brandon Melendez

Corporate Executive Officer


Eat Your Serial, Inc.


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