Silent Hill: Revelation

The Silent Hill video games were without a doubt a popular horror game. I can remember playing in the dark with my brother (because obviously playing without the lights on makes it that much better), freaking out and dashing to turn the lights on. The Silent Hill movie? It was hit or miss with fans of the franchise (it happens to be one of my favorite movies).  So, when I heard there was a sequel, I was naturally hesitant.

To be completely honest, I had forgotten about it until I unwrapped my Valentine’s Day present and there it was! Silent Hill: Revelation. I pretty much had no choice from there but to put my curiosity to bed and watch the movie.

Unlike typical sequels, the movie does not start where the first one left off, though it does reference the first movie in it.  Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) is having nightmares of Silent Hill. She’s at a carnival, but she’s not having fun. On a merry-go-round surrounded by fire and monsters, she finally sees Alessa (also played by Adelaide Clemens) who ominously warns her that she (Alessa) cannot be beat and to stay out of Silent Hill.

When Heather wakes up from this nightmare, her father Harry (Sean Bean) is there to console her when something comes up from behind him and kills him. It’s only another dream. Rough night.  The family has been moving around since Heather was a child running from an evil force that has been chasing them. But why? The first nod to the first Silent Hill film is when Christopher (or Harry as he’s known in this movie) sees his wife, Rose Da Silva, in the mirror. She’s trapped in Silent Hill, a sacrifice she made in order to save their daughter Sharon (Heather).

It’s Heather’s 18th birthday and she really doesn’t have any friends to celebrate with. She’s always the new kid. As she’s walking to school, she begins to see strange things again. When she finally snaps to it, a man named Douglas (Martin Dovovan) asks her if she’s ok. Who is this guy? Heather makes it clear to her class she wants nothing to do with them, mostly because she’s jaded from all the moving she has done. They all seem happy to oblige, everyone except Vincent Cooper (Kit Harington) who is also new and not afraid of a challenge. He will prove to be helpful later on.

Heather calls her father to talk about the strange man and her weird day. They make a point to meet up at the mall later on, but Harry doesn’t make it. Heather does not realize her father has been abducted until she runs into Douglas again at the mall. At this point, he explains that he’s been sent to bring her back to Silent Hill and that her name is actually Sharon Da Silva. As they’re leaving the mall, there are attacked and Douglas is gone.

After a huge commotion at the mall, she spots Vincent in a crowd of bystanders and they head back to Heather’s house.  She tries to call her Dad but he is unreachable, when she gets to the house… she finds out where he is.

Will Heather ever find her father and discover the truth about her past?  While Silent Hill: Revelation is a lot more graphic, bloody and gory, I’ve heard the same things about this movie as I did the first. You either love it or hate it. I enjoyed the film not only as a fan of the games, but as a fan of the horror genre.Decide for yourself.



Written by: Katie Sperduti




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