Odds and Ends

Hello, folks.  A few times each week week, I’m going keep the flakes nice and toasty with some bits, pieces, jokes, hokes, pokes, and other terms of varying degrees that go on in my cranium every now and again.  For this entry, however, I don’t have one set thing to talk about.  Yup, there’s too much to cover as to what I’ve been up to, other than my monthly column about wrestling.  So, for the next bit, I’ll be giving you a bunch of thoughts and words that come to my mind.  So, here goes, by way of bullet points:


  • “Wrestlemania” 29 is in the books.  I saw it for about 40 dollars in restaurant fees and I have to tell you, I’ve seen better events.  It’s not the worst “Wrestlemania,” but it wasn’t the best by far.  Only one of the the main events clicked, and the other two suffered by being after it.  Big mistake.  The “Monday Night Raw” after it, however, was phenomenal according to most fans.  Upon seeing what I saw and hearing what I’ve heard, I’m inclined to agree.  Why can’t more shows be like this, WWE?  Do you have to take our money first?  Ah well…
  • There’s no party like a “Wrestlemania” weekend party.  This is not just with the WWE, but outside of it with other organizations.  I’m talking about “Wrestlecon.”  It was my first, and hopefully not my last.  I only went to the second day, and I felt like I’ve had a full weekend experience.  Definitely check it out if it’s in your area on WM weekend, especially the events.
  • Between the Wii U, Wii, PS2, and 3DS, I have my work cut out for me, game-wise.  I’m sitting on five  RPGs, all at least 50 hours long, the entire “Grand Theft Auto” series from Part 1 to San Andreas, three platform games that are four players co-op each, and even four compilation games (two from Capcom, two from SNK).   I truly am a glutton for punishment.  Did I mention I’m also working on my second FAQ and I’m playing through the first three “Devil May Cry” games (including the dreaded Part 2)?
  • It seems to me that this is a fine place to bring to the table what hasn’t been covered on this website:  Anime and Manga.  Do I have recommendations?  Sure!  Do I have favorites?  Absolutely!  Do I have opinions on the Anime/Manga world as of today?  You bet!  So, ears open to that and your spoons to the bowl, flakes.
  • I’m putting the finishing touches on my next column for you wrestling fans, pertaining to wrestling psychology.  I’d hope it would be easy to cover, but I’ve been wrong before.  It should make for an interesting read.
  • After seeing “SHIMMER” live for the first time on their first event outside of Illinois as part of “Wrestlecon,” I’m now a more interested fan than just two DVD’s.  Great women’s wrestling is out there.  “SHIMMER” is a beacon for that.
  • If you love cartoons, love comics, or just love a good series, make it a point to invest in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, The Spectacular Spider Man, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.  You won’t be disappointed.
  • I still have wishful dreams and thinking of learning guitar and covering a bunch of songs I like.  Any teachers and takers, preferably free ones?
  • On the movie front, I have a ton of films I need to catch this year in theaters, from the Rock’s films, to the next set of comic films, to some standout films like Elysium and Pacific Rim.
  • I draw.  Everyone loves my artwork and say that I should put it to use.  I tell them, the work is in graphic design on the computer, and I’m still a fan of pencil or pen to paper.  Any advice?
  • I have a personal blog page that has more of my thoughts, but only longer than this.  But, you don’t want to see that.
  • What do Daniel Bryan and Fandango have in common?  Instant popularity the night after “WrestleMania.”  Has lightning struck twice?


Well, that’s about it for my first bullpen call.  Don’t worry.  This isn’t the only format I will use.  I’ll have more depth pertaining to what goes on in my life (like what videos I watch and podcasts I listen to), but that’s for later.  Until then, take care of yourselves and have a great day.


You, flakes, keep your minds open out there!



Written by: Ezenwa Favian Anyanwu


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