Goretorium : The happiest scare on Earth

Usually, one would have to wait until October to go to a haunted house. This presents a problem to avid haunted house lovers like myself. Whoever said they were meant to be a seasonal event should seriously be punished because I’d go to them year round if I could, and as I discovered on my recent trip to Las Vegas, I can.

Walking into the Goretorium on the Las Vegas strip was an experience of its own. There are a bloody couple standing at the doorway (an advertisement for their wedding service), a bar, creepy photos on the wall and more but my favorite part of the lobby? The electric chair. The chair is in the lobby for photo opportunities, but what unsuspecting victims (including myself) don’t realize is that there is a definitely something more shocking about it.

Another fun fact about this haunted attraction is the mastermind behind the screams. Horror director Eli Roth created this demonic attraction and his influence is all over the place. Mini spoiler : there’s even a replica of Roth’s severed head in the gift shop.

When my husband and I were buying our tickets, we inquired about the story behind the haunted house. Eli Roth had did not just want to build any old haunted house, he wanted a story behind it. In my opinion, this made the haunted house a lot more fun because there was a common theme and not just a pile of random scares throughout the haunted house.


The story is, the haunted house is located where the old Delmont Hotel used to be stand. The Delmont was owned by the Delmont family and played host to over 1,000 murders. Some of the most grisly and unthinkable deaths occurred within the walls of this hotel, but that’s all behind the employees now!

The Delmont workers are all about the renovations being done to the upper level and putting all the horror that happened in the basement in the past. Your journey begins with a helpful employee taking a picture of you. While this may just seem like a cheap ploy to get you to buy a souvenir, it’s actually to help identify your body in the event that you don’t make it out of the hotel.  Once you enter, an escort brings you safely to elevator so you can check out the new renovations, but things don’t go exactly as planned and who knows if you’ll even make it to the upper level, where the Babydoll Lounge is located (which includes a beautiful view of the Las Vegas Strip).

The spooky attraction was a lot of fun. Instead of the lost souls of the victims just jumping out to give you a cheap scare the whole time (don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of that), they would interact with you as you navigated your way through the dangerous basement.  Luckily, we made it out relatively unscathed, but the memories of the horrors I saw in that basement will stay with me forever (it was awesome).

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas, make sure Goretorium is on your list of sights to see! What else are you going to do? Gamble?



Written by: Katie Sperduti


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