Ke$ha the Warrior Pop Star – Album Review

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m not always the most open minded person when it comes to music, especially when I hear a song that I don’t like by the artist. I just assume I’ll hate everything by them when for all I know, they’ve got one song I hate and the rest of the album is great. Ke$ha was a victim of my music snobbery.

The situation with her is a bit different though, out of all her singles I’ve only kind of liked one. Her electronic drum, dance beats with heavy auto tuning didn’t really float my boat. She won me over a little bit when I heard her of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”. Raw, emotional and completely without autotune and to my shock, she can sing. She won me completely over after watching her show on MTV ‘My Crazy,Beautiful Life” and seeing her connection with her fans. I decided to give her most recent album Warrior a shot.

It wasn’t a good start. I wasn’t and am still not a fan of her first single “Die Young”. Perhaps I’m looking too far into this but I’m not big on the idea of singing about stealing someones boyfriend and I’m really not into the heavy autotune that Ke$ha features on most of her songs, especially when I know she can sing.

One song caught my ear immediately when I hear her say Iggy Pop. How can a song with Iggy Pop go wrong? “Dirty Love” is a gritty, rock song that reminds me a bit of Joan Jett
(who I love) in her younger days. Ke$ha is pretty open with her sexuality, as you may have heard in her songs, interviews or seen on her show on MTV, so this song was no surprise as she sang “I just want your dirty love, all I need is to get in between your sheets”. The old school punk sound, the fact she actually sang and Iggy Pop are some of the reason this song is one of my favorites on the album.

Ke$ha states on her show that she wants to give her fans a place to just be themselves and just celebration being them, I think that’s really admirable of her. The title track “Warrior” sounds like an anthem for those devoted fans of hers. “We are the misfits,We are the bad kids,The degenerates.We ain’t perfect but that’s all right! Love us or hate us,Nothing can break us..” The empowering song sounds more like a song to play in a club but it doesn’t lose the message. I’m not a huge fan of the music that goes with the song, but I love what she’s writing about.


To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t totally wild about the album. I didn’t hate it as much as I assumed I would but it’s just not my cup of tea. I guess I’ll always be more of a fan of her as a persona and an advocate for her fans than I will for her as a musician, but check it out for yourself and form your own conclusion.


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