AOL Shuts Down Comics Alliance

Now, I’m not one to promote anybody who even resembles the competition, but since the phenomenal site, Comics Alliance was recently shut down by AOL I have to take a moment to pause because I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. As a comics fan, I felt a real connection to the blog site started by Laura Hudson. The writers were absolutely talented and my ilk of nerds. Comics alliance was always on the bleeding edge of comic’s news and often shared art, retrospectives, and and crossover commentary. I’m not going to lie, I’m really going to miss Chris Sims reviews of…well…everything ever, but especially his reviews of comic book movies.

When a favorite internet haunts goes down, its hard to fill the void. There are other sites I might frequent more often now, looking for that fix of news…especially if some of the writers from Comics Alliance find themselves there (hey guys, we’ll have you at Eat Your Serial, but we probably can’t afford your AOL lifestyle…yet) so instead I’m probably just going to try to fill it reverently, and by…*ahem* co-opting anything awesome that wasn’t nailed down by law. I’ll have to make sure that the content I want to read and see is covered by us here at Eat Your Serial. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not dancing on CA’s grave here, I’m genuinely hurting in my nerd heart. The site literally proved its worth on a daily basis. Not a single post was wasted, and not a day went by with out highly informative, intelligent, sharp, and awesome posts. POSTS. SSSSSSSSS. Numerous.

On that note, keep reading, we’ve got content coming. Hopefully we can live up to the standard of quality that a great source of serial coverage like Comic’s Alliance bore. we shall strive. If I find out where any of those writers went to, I’ll be sure to follow there with my reading time…and if you know, let me know.





Written by: Brandon Melendez


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