The Guilt Trip

Everyone has been embarrassed by their parents at some point in their lives. Parents can be over affectionate and often lack a filter when it comes to meeting new people (especially when you’re trying to impress said new person). The Guilt Trip is a perfect example of this scenario, but it’s also a hilarious way to experience that embarrassment without actually having to experience it.

Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen) is a young entrepreneur that is about to embark on a tour across the country to sell his invention “scioclean” (pronounced SIGH-OH-CLEAN”) when he decides to make a stop to see his mother Joyce (Barbara Streisand) before making his journey. Judging by the annoyed look that he has on his face for about 90% of his visit, he probably regrets this decision until he hears a story about his mother’s past.

Joyce tells a story about her first love, Andrew Margolis. She tells them how they met and how they parted. She even told Andy that he’s named after her first love (who is not her late husband, by the way) and she’s always wondered about him. Andy does some digging about this guy and finds out that he’s working in an office in San Francisco. Seeing how lonely his mother is, he decides to invite her on the trip in hopes to reunite the two long lost lovers at the end of the trip.

Shortly after they begin the trip, Andy begins to realize that this may have been a mistake. Joyce talks too much, she brings a book on tape, she tries to give input into his business and his business pitch (but in my opinion, he needed the input because his pitch sucked) and he’s not too thrilled about any of it. Each business stop seems like a failure and after one visit with a Costco representative, which his mother sits in on as his “business associate,” Andy has had enough and explodes.

What I really liked about this movie was how realistic the relationship between The Brewsters was. Some people will say it’s funny because of how outrageously annoying Streisand’s character is, but what I think makes it so funny is how based on real life it is. You laugh because you’ve been there before although my favorite part of the movie seems pretty unlikely. The mother-son duo stop to get something to eat and the restaurant they’re at has a special that if you eat a very large meal they off in under an hour, it’s totally free and you get a free t-shirt. Joyce, who loves a good deal and free stuff, decides that she can do this and accepts the challenge. What happens may surprise you.

The two stars were actually executive producers on the film and while I don’ t think this is even close to Rogen’s best work, it was still really enjoyable and worth the watch. How does the trip end? You’ll have to find out for yourself. If you’re looking for a film that is both heartwarming for the family but also has some good laughs, I’d recommend The Guilt Trip.



Written by: Katie Sperduti


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