The Collection – Review

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Like the villain you thought you finished off in the first movie, I’m back for more!  It’s been a crazy busy time for me. I am celebrating my year anniversary at my job and I have recently gotten married. Now that the water has settled, I am ready to restart and revamp this blog! First off, a new review.

When I first heard of this movie, my thoughts immediately went to the 2009 movie The Collector and it wasn’t because of the titles. Take a look at the movie posters. Anything look familiar?




One can gather from these pictures that:

1. It’s a remake


2. It’s a sequel

Well, it’s a sequel and unlike a lot of sequels, this one is as good as the first.


The Collection picks up where the first left off. If you have learned anything about this killer from the first film, you have learned that he always keeps one victim alive. In this case, it is career criminal Arkin (Josh Stewart).

The movie begins with a series of distorted news clips talking about the massacre and reign of terror caused by this psychopath and shows a picture of the latest known victim (Arkin). The police make a heroic promise to capture this monster and bring him to justice. But how do they catch a killer that they can’t even track? This killer leaves no breadcrumbs to follow, the only sign of his presence is the trail of blood he leaves in the aftermath of his attack.

In the mean time, Elena Peters (Emma Fitzpatrick) is studying when her boyfriend calls her to bail on their date tonight. She’s not disappointed for too long because her friends are already in her driveway waiting to take her to a party. This party is so exclusive you need a password to get in and of course, her friend Missy knows it.

It seems like all is well at the club. The friends are having a blast when they suddenly spot Elena’s boyfriend kissing another woman and he shows no remorse after being caught. Elena reacts by punching him in the face and she hits him pretty hard. She then finds an isolated room to have a private moment to herself to gather her thoughts. Little does she know, she’s not alone.

Elena notices a trunk in the middle of the room. She also notices that there’s something INSIDE the trunk making a noise. When she opens the trunk, Arkin falls out and tells her to get down. Unbeknownst to her, she has begun a chain of deadly events.


The party is over for these club goers as an contraption that looks like the blades of a lawnmower comes down on them, slaughtering the majority of the crowd in there. The fortunate souls that do survive that attack begin to run for safety and set off another trap of blades. This trap claims the life of Elena’s cheating boyfriend. Karma or bad luck?

The last trap gets any other survivors enclosed in a cage with a ceiling that is coming down to crush them. One of those people is Missy. Elena watches helplessly as her best friend dies a horrible death.  As she tries to escape herself, she notices Arkin getting ready to jump out to window, as he sees this as his only means of escaping. He notices at the last second that the killer is behind her and kidnaps Elena. He jumps out the window (using Elena’s now dead boyfriend as a cushion for his landing).

The next time we see Arkin, he is in the hospital being treated for the wounds and trauma he just endured at the ends of this sadistic killer when he is recruited by a mysterious man to help retrieve Elena. He agrees to lead them there but not to go in. His plans don’t really work out for him.

The mysterious man that wanted to find Elena formed a militia -like group to raid the killers hideout and retrieve the girl. After Arkin gets them to the building, they force him in. Not exactly what he wanted to do.

From here, it’s a bloody and suspenseful search and rescue mission for Elena. If you’re not into a lot of blood and gratuitous gore,  then you’ve selected the wrong movie to watch. I hear rumblings that there may be a part 3 to this series and judging by the ending, which was left pretty open (and that’s all I’m going to say about it), and the track record with horror movies these days, I’d say it’s a done deal.  Before you jump into part 3 of this horror saga, check out The Collector and The Collection.


Written by: Katie Sperduti-McCarthy


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