The Eat Your Serial App is Here!

Hey Flakes,

As a way to get your Serials and Toast delivered to you in an even easier fashion than coming straight to the source, we’ve tried to develop a way to bring the source to you. Enter the Eat Your Serial App powered by Conduit Mobile. This is our first app, so we expect that its going to be COMPLETELY AWESOME. Awesome in the sense that Eat Your Serial will now be at your fingertips and easily accessible on your mobile device.

Since its a Conduit Mobile App, it is technically a “browser hijacking app”, which is much scarier than it sounds. Essentially its a customized link, with forced buttons that you can send to your homescreen to easily and quickly access all our content. From there it acts just like any other app, except you don’t have to download it…it takes up practically no drive space, because it is a part of your browser. But there’s more. Best part? It’s totally free. TOTALLY FREE. So if you love our content, and can’t wait to get your eyes all over it every day, this app is going to help you get it in your eyes and digested by your mind at breakneck speeds.

As always, we are open to any suggestions you may have to help this develop into a more serviceable and useful tool to get content INTO YOUR BRAIN THROUGH YOUR EYE SOCKETS (sorry, that was dramatic) so please feel free to share your thoughts with us either through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or comments.

To get all set up just go to this address:


or use your QR Scanner on this image.






Eat it.

Brandon Melendez

CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Eat Your Serial


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