A Haunted House

Remember when parodies were cool? Weird Al Yankovic was “white and nerdy” and at the top of his game and the Scary Movie series dominated the box office and our hearts. Well, it would appear that the parody is making a comeback, at least in the movie genre. Taking cheap shots at the expensive of the past year’s biggests scary movies is A Haunted House.

A Haunted House begins much like Paranormal Activity (which is the main movie being parodied), Malcom (Marlon Wayans) is recording an important event in his life; his girlfriend Kisha (Essence Atkins) is moving in with him. Malcom doesn’t realize that moving in isn’t as glamorous as he would expect. For starters, Kisha hits his dog with her car as she is pulling in the driveway. Second, she has more stuff than he thought she would (a feeling my husband knows all too well) and finally, all those boundaries that people in relationships usually keep up before getting serious are gone. Getting adjusted to each other in close living quarters isn’t the only obstacle this couple faces.

Kisha is the first to notice something off about the house. Things moving without anyone touching them, the door closing on it’s own, it all seems to point towards a haunting. Malcom’s obsession with recording their lives may come in handy, now they can catch these paranormal happenings on film. Eventually, after seeing so many strange things happening, Kisha is now convinced the house is haunted.

After some incessant nagging, Malcom calls a psychic to the house named Chip (Nick Swardson). While I think Swardson is hilarious, I think the character in the movie is one of his that we’ve seen a million times (his gay character) but somehow, he still manages to keep the laughs coming. During a series of serious questions about their past and the house, he manages to slip in “have you ever slept with a man” to Malcom and tricks him into answering yes. The pure joy on Swardson’s face is funny on it’s own.

Chip doesn’t just provide some comedic relief, he also gives the couples some valuable advice; the spirit doesn’t like to be recorded and it feeds off negative energy. So what do they do? Continue to record it and call in Malcom’s cousin Ray Ray (Affion Crockett), an angry gang member, to come help with the problem. Without giving too much away, let’s just say it doesn’t go over well.

While it wasn’t at the same level as Scary Movie (the first and second at least), it was still pretty entertaining, as long as you go in knowing you’re going to get exactly what you expect from these movies; fart jokes, sex jokes, drug jokes and poking fun of blockbuster movies (mostly of the horror genre). Cedric the Entertainer and David Koechner costar are also featured in the film. Check this movie out if you’re looking for a mindless movie with cheap laughs.


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