Remember the 90’s Nickelodeon Shows?

Back in the days when channels had personality and quirks (not just marketing plans and graphics), Nickelodeon had probably one of the kitchiest channels around was Nickelodeon. Around the time I got cable, the station was really in its early 90s heyday with the launch of its original Nicktoons block (Doug, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy). While later shows would have some kook in their step, some of these early Nickelodeon shows really were pretty zany, or had odd premises. It’s no wonder we grew up to watch shows like Aquateen Hunger Force…when you think about what we were reared on, that is.

Any how, in a moment of feeling nostalgic here’s a quick shot of some 90’s Nickelodeon TV show intros, in no particular order, and as I found them on the interwebs. Enjoy this walk through memory lane.  For fun I’ll be rating exactly how 90s these intros are on a scale that strikes my fancy.


Welcome Freshman– 90s scale: 12 slap bracelets

Salute Your Shorts– 90s scale: 4 viewings of Terminator 2 (you know why, of course!)

The Adventures of Pete and Pete– 90s scale: 15 Petunia tattoos (no seriously, Hey Sandy by Polaris is literally one of the most 90s things that is allowed to exist in the universe)

You Can’t Do That On Television– 90s scale: 11 Jagged Little Pills (this little ditty is the Canadian import that gave Alanis Morrisette her start)

Clarissa Explains it All– 90s scale: 1 million bottles of Clear Pepsi. Just because it was. (oddly enough video of this is really hard to find)


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