Jimmy Eat World – Damage

There have been a few releases that I’m pretty excited about that have either come out or are coming out, but when I found out Jimmy Eat World put out a new album, I was beyond excited. Jimmy Eat World is one of those bands that make me feel nostalgic and who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane? Warm summer days with the windows down and the speakers up, that’s what comes to mind when I think of this band.

It’s been a long three years since the band’s last studio album and to be completely honest, I wasn’t super thrilled with 2010’s Invented so when I heard about their newest release Damage, I was beyond excited, as I said, but also hesitant. Before listening to this album, I wanted to read a couple reviews to get a feel of what I was going to get into. In one review, it quoted the band’s lead singer, Jim Adkins, as calling this album as an “adult break up record”. With that in mind,I went into listening to this album hopeful that it wasn’t going to be a hot mess of dreary, depressing music (which would also be pretty out of character for the band) and thankfully, it wasn’t anything to cry about(or to).

jew-damageDon’t be fooled by the theme of heartaches and break ups, this album has the upbeat, power-pop songs that fans of Jimmy Eat World have grown to love. “Appreciation” rips right into the break up topic; “Thank you honey for reminding me how long you can stay with someone and never see…” Even though it’s a song about reflection of your failed relationship, you forget for the moment as you get caught up in the catchy, upbeat music.

Not all the songs are upbeat though, “Bye, Bye Love” is exactly what you’d think it would be: Slow, melodic, and heavy. It’s easy to hear the agony in Adkins voice as he laments over his regrets of leaving his love. The crescendo that leads into his shrieking falsetto of “bye bye love” to me is when he realizes that he really messed up this one. You feel his pain as he sings.

“Book of Love” is what I’d consider a typical song by Jimmy Eat World (and it also happens to be my favorite track on the album. The booming drums, the quick and sugar sweet-sounding guitars are key characteristics of this song (and other great songs by the band). This song is immediately going on my summer playlist.

While 2010’s Invented left me feeling slightly let down from a band that had such great memories attached to it, they fully redeemed themselves with this new venture. It reminds me of classic Jimmy Eat World and why I fell in love with the band. You can be sure that I will be playing this album at maximum volume with the windows down while driving this summer. If you’re looking for a new addition to your summer playlist, check out Damage by Jimmy Eat World now!


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