Picture this: you’re washing dishes in your kitchen on seemingly normal day when suddenly, you hear something disturbing… and it’s coming from the sink your cleaning in. You look down, nervously and cautiously and you see it…. a tomato. Naturally, confusion is the first thing you feel until that thing starts moving, after a brief WTF moment, you realize… you’re done for. *cue epic intro music*

It seemed like just a harmless veggie, who would ever suspect the delicious tomato? Well, as the intro to the movie explains, people laughed in the ’60s when Hitchcock made his legandary film The Birds but no one was laughing when millions of birds attacked a town in Kentucky in the ’70s (much like the attack in the film), no one was laughing.

So when did vegetables become hazardous to your health? It happened back in the day (the day being 1978) when reports of the vegetable attacking people started to occur and these attacks were hilarious. Now, before you go thinking I’m sick for enjoying someone being attacked, hear me out. One guy dies from drinking tomato juice (the juice was made from a killer tomato) and my favorite attack, a parody of Jaws where swimmers are eaten alive while enjoying some time in the bay.

The government doesn’t handle the damage control very well after these attacks, saying there’s nothing to worry about and none of the reports are credible. So even though the President is telling everyone to relax he’s forming a special forces team behind the scenes. The team includes a disguise expert, an Olympic swimmer and a solider. Now, the team member selection really confused me and I figured it was due to me missing some social relevance in the ’70s. After a little research, it turns out I didn’t miss anything (that I could find) and it was just suppose to be ridiculous.

During this crisis, a secret committee meeting was held to discuss what the plan of attack should be to defeat these killer tomatoes. The members of that meeting were not too careful because an editor of the paper gets a hold of a pamphlet and assigns his sexy reporter Lois Fairchild to the job telling her to “use what she’s got” to get the story (use your imagination on that one). Jaws isn’t the only movie that gets a parody in the film, but I won’t spoil this one for you.

In the end, it comes down to a battle of good vs evil, man vs. vegetable. Who will win this battle of epic proportions? The ending might surprise you (or make you never want to eat a vegetable again). As far as movies go, this is about as campy as they get. If you’re one of those people who can’t take a campy movie for what it is, then you’ll turn it off midway and tell all your friends how bad it was but for all you campy film fans, this is definitely one to watch.



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