Old Fairy Tale…Not for Newborns (Quick Review)

Timing is everything in life. Period. So when I heard about another Fairy Tale
movie coming to the big screen I thought…”OK, I know how this is gonna go, Ive
heard it a million and one times”. NOTHING could be further from the truth. While
Jack and the Giant Slayer is yet another fairy tale movie on the big screen, it’s a
COMPLETELY new take on a familiar formula. You may know the order in which
things happen but let me tell you…it all makes sense now! It’s more like a story for
adults instead of children.


Everything makes pure sense, no filler, mature subject matter. Everything a
grown adult would want in a movie. It has much more content that adults would
want but I will not spoil it. Let’s just say “Survival of the Fittest” is key. When you
start cringing don’t say I didn’t warn ya! The movie feels like it’s made for a the
masses, it has a lot of elements from movies people have loved through the past
decade. I highly recommend this movie to people that just want to have a good time
and see something they didn’t expect.


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