Q: Is it free to read?

A: All content is indeed free to read on our site. And if you missed the run of one of our serialized stories…well you can buy it in our store http://www.eatyourserial.com/store


Q: I’m a writer.  Is it free for me to have my work published on Eat Your Serial?

A:  Yes!   It is 100% free to post on our website, online magazine, or blog.  Writers will sign an agreement that says if any subscriptions or completed stories are sold during their terms of agreement, profits will be divided between Eat Your Serial and the writer.   However, if you sell nothing, you owe nothing.  But baby, your story is going to sell like hotcakes.  (What is a hotcake?)  And, at the end of your involvement with Eat Your Serial (not that we want you to go), you retain the rights to your work and can do with it as you please.


Q: I can’t spell or do grammar good.   I can has an Editor?

A: Yes! Every writer is assigned an editor from the very beginning to help with copy, grammar, and scheduling.


Q: Do I get paid?

A:  Yes!  And No!

Q:  Uh… What?

A:   Eat Your Serial does not pay authors advances for their work.    However, Eat Your Serial will promote and sell your work, and you’ll receive a share of the profits.


Q: I can’t wait to have my work published through you!  Do I have to sign a contract?

A:  Yes.   Before a single word is published on our site, there is an agreement that needs to be signed by everyone involved to make sure we’re all protected, and that all parties responsibilities are understood.


Q:  I’m an Editor.  Do I have to sign a contract too?

A:  Yup.  You’ll be earning a percentage on all stories you work on as well, so that means a contract is necessary.


Q: I’m cool and I got myself published on Eat Your Serial.  Can I also post the writing on my blog?

A:  By all means put up only a small excerpt of your first or latest chapter (not all), but we’ll need you to let us do the heavy lifting.  And if you’re inclined to promote your Eat Your Serial work and connection, please put up an image of our logo, and of course a link to our site.


Q:  Will my work be noticed?

A:  Yes.  The site will be promoted through comprehensive online and viral marketing campaigns, word of mouth, social media, and the networking and connections made as time goes on.  We will do everything we can to make sure your work gets read by as wide an audience as possible.  Our success depends on your success!


Q: How does Eat Your Serial make money?

A:  That’s a fantastic question.  Right now?  We don’t.  In the future? Book sales (both printed and electronic) and mobile subscriptions will be two ways everyone involved will be earning.


Q: I want to be a writer.  I’d like to submit something.  How do I do that?

You can contact us at info@eatyourserial.com or you can check out our submissions page at http://EatYourSerial.com/submissions


Q: I want to be an editor.  How do I do that?

Check out the whole process to become an editor here.


Q:  I have other questions that aren’t here.  Who can I ask?

A:  Send all questions that aren’t answered here to info@eatyourserial.com,  or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.


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