Happy 4th of July, 2013

Dear Flakes,

Here we are again at the 4th of July. I’d just like to take a moment to thank you all for coming to the table, reading, commenting, and discussing our ideas with us at Eat Your Serial. The idea of discourse, discussion, and expression are at the heart of American liberties and to be able to do so freely, and to have robust conversations is our ultimate goal in sharing our ideas with you. Thank you for your part in our experiment of First Amendment execution, but beware…you’ve only emboldened us to go bigger, and “go west” (at least as far west as one can go on the internet. Expect fireworks from us in the near future to rival the Macy’s show that some of you will certainly be witnessing tonight through various means. The execution of our rights is our honor and duty, and any open discourse we can have in large groups helps us all to grown and understand the multifaceted prism of ourselves. Our growth as a company, as well as your support is invaluable whether you agree with our writers or disagree–the more you come and read, and comment, and share the better off we all are. In this age of deep political divides, hard party lines, and victory-without-compromise mindsets in our American government and in national conversations it is important that we remember that only through interaction, and only with open minds can we truly learn from each other and move forward in a mutually beneficially and decidedly positive direction. At Eat Your Serial, whether we disagree about Man of Steel or Affirmative Action, we’re glad to openly share our perspectives and offer them to you. It is a particular point of pride and accomplishment whenever we get a comment, like, follow, or share in social media or on our posts because we know that you are interacting with our thoughts and either endorsing, challenging, or engaging their content. But beware, Dearest Flakes, as your interaction with us only emboldens us to think bigger, go harder, and share more–and have no fear that is exactly what we intend to do. As we continue to build our American Dream at Eat Your Serial, have no fear, we intend to explode with new ideas, thoughts, projects, and initiatives. Big things are on the horizon and we hope that you will forge our new frontiers with us.

While you are gathering with your friends and loved ones on this day, please know that our thoughts are with you and we are wishing you a happy and safe celebration. For our part, we will be reflecting on everything we have and how much more we have to give to all the important and not so important conversations in the world.

We’d also like to take a moment to remember those who gave their all so that we can execute our important freedoms–your sacrifice has added to your immortality, as you are inextricably linked to the execution of our most basic and fundamentally important rights.

Happy 4th of July, and God Bless America

Brandon Melendez


Eat Your Serial, Inc.


Experiencing The Greatest Stage of Them All: Wrestlemania!

It was Sunday April 7th, 2013 at Metlife Stadium and we were in the audience before the Greatest Stage of Them All—Wrestlemania. I, your colluding Corporate Executive Officer, Brandon Melendez, along with co-founders Shawn Abraham and Matt Thomas has been plotting this trip for some time. Finally….finally….FINALLY the day had come after many a pay-per-view, Monday Night Raw, Smackdown!, and video game melee I had found myself at my very first live WWE event and it was a doozy. I could certainly sit here and offer you a bit-by-bit review of the event…but instead I will give you more of a reflection on the experience.

Firstly, there are people who don’t, and probably never will, understand the phenomenon of professional wrestling…and especially so for adults. These are the people who complain of choreography, scripting, and acting (oddly enough these people don’t often complain about the same elements in films, television, or theater). Then, there are the polar opposite…grown people far too invested in professional wrestling to the extent that they can spoil the experience for the wide-eyed children in the crowd who have yet to discover the fiction, or fail to understand the complicated backstage politics that truly make a champion. Both ends of this spectrum are integral parts of the success of wrestling, and the WWE in general. The nay-sayers are the ones who act as the truest marks for crossover potential, and the die-hards sustain the profession through occasional dry spells. In my time, as a late-age fan (discovering pro-wrestling as a highly entertaining product in my late teens) I have been both which is why I had never been to a live WWE show until now.

I am fond of saying the Wrestlemania, Ghostbusters, and me are inexorably linked because we are all the same age so I was pleased that at Wrestlemania 29, which I attended, there was a giant Statue of Liberty present for me to offer references to Ghostbusters II (along with Planet of the Apes, and Judge Dredd, #nerdlife). All that said, I was curious to see what the live event side of things was like—without the transitions, the color commentary, and the wipe away from the ring. I wanted to see the stage hands, I wanted to see under the ring skirt…I wanted to see the nuts and bolts of the show. In that, I only received some of my wish. The WWE is very good at dimming the house lights, setting things up during a match, and using video to distract you from their set-up. But there was a magic to the show that is not present…does not translate…to television. To hear a man, even in a crowd of over 80,000 people receive a Ric Flair chop from the hand of the Big Show, or feel a 50 foot pillar of fire from the Undertaker’s entrance from clear across a football stadium is a testament to the work, preparation, and dedication of the wrestlers and production crews as well as the larger than life reality of the whole affair.

Sitting in a crowd that large…a large town of people…all assembled and to be told that the house record for attendance has been broken by people who all share a common appreciation for this athletic fiction is also quieting; though quiet is by no means an apt descriptor for an assembly of even two wrestling fans let alone thousands (or MILLIONS and MILLIONS). There were moments—especially in the main event of John Cena vs. The Rock—that some of the crowd’s more Steve-wiser fuelled fans had forgotten, or not cared, that part of the spectacle of the affair is to instill awe in the children; so while conflicted parents gave helpless stares to fans shouting…less than proven disputes as to whom Cena and the Rock prefer to share their beds with…the children managed to roll off chants for their champions in tiny, convicted voices. For me, this was the most powerful part of sitting in the arena while these physical geniuses improvised and tangoed their ways across the canvas of the squared circle—the power of the jaded fan focused by the doe eyed fan…and myself in between, enjoying the show.

Though it was fun to shout all you flakes out, and try and get you to search the crowd for our Eat Your Serial box (it was there, there’s pics so we can prove it), it was more important for me to scratch this experience off of my bucketlist—for me it was like going to the Super Bowl. It was a way for me to connect with my fellow fans and place it in contrast. The fact that the Rock was in the main event, that I got to witness the Undertaker’s streak continue, and the Living Colour performed CM Punk’s entrance music live was all just icing on the cake…and P. Diddy’s performance? Well. That did happen, but not every magic trick is a winner.


Written by Brandon Melendez


How to Create Your Own Cartoons with Latest Technology

Some iconic, exciting and unusual cartoons have been created over the years. Can you think of your favourite? There is Scooby Doo – who can forget about the big, brown and lovable dog? And what about Jake from Adventure Time – an unusual yellow looking dog? Moving away from animals there is Dee Dee from Dexter’s Laboratory – pretty much the cartoon equivalent of a Barbie Doll. There is Dexter himself cutting a striking figure with his ginger hair, big glasses and lab outfit. What about Johnny Bravo – who can forget his big blonde quiff and hunky muscles?

How would you or your children like to create your own cartoons? You may be surprised to learn that there are lots of innovative games available nowadays that give you the opportunity to create cartoon characters. Can you come up with someone better than The Powerpuff Girls? What about Tom and Jerry – do you think you could create a better duo? The possibilities are endless, and the following cartoons give you the chance to tune into your creative side.

Gallery of Imagination

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is a popular American cartoon. It features a monumental number of oddly designed cartoon characters. There is a blue domed cylinder called ‘Bloo’. There is a hugely tall and red coloured character called ‘Wilt’. And that is without mentioning the character that is a cross between a palm tree, a bird, and an airplane. The Gallery of Imagination allows you to create your own imaginary friends who can form part of the ‘Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends’ clang. Bearing in mind the crazy characters featured in the cartoon itself, you can imagine the potential associated with this game.

Ben 10 Alien Maker

Ben 10 is a cartoon character who is taking over the world – quite literally. There are a huge number of animated series, films, and video games based on Ben 10. But, the Alien Maker game has to be one of the best. If you or yourchild has watched Ben 10 then you will be aware of all the intriguing, unusual, and devastating aliens featured in the cartoon. But, do you think you could design a better alien? Now is your chance. The Ben 10 Alien Maker game gives you the opportunity to design a deadly and dramatic alien.

Gumball Character Creator

The Amazing World of Gumball is a show about a blue cat called Gumball Watterson. The characters in the show are unusual, vibrant and exciting. Aside from Gumball, there is a goldfish, a light pink rabbit, and many more. This game allows people to create a character that is fitting for the show. Do you want to add a dog to the world of Gumball? What about a bird? Or perhaps you would like to add another cat to rival Gumball? The choice is entirely yours!

The three games mentioned in this article are a mere three of the best that allow you to create your own cartoon character. There are actually a lot of other games available that give you this opportunity too. All you need to do is search online and try all of the free games available. You will be able tocreate a character suited to Adventure Time, another suited to Scooby Doo, another character who would fit in with the Powerpuff Girls, and so on and so forth. Time to let your creative side shine!

Author bio – 

Donna Baxter is a freelance journalist. She watched cartoons, such as Adventure Time, as a research tool for this article.

The Toast| The Apparition

If you’ve seen one paranormal movie, you’ve probably seen them all but like a sucker, I still get excited over the previews and convince myself “this has to be better than (insert awful paranormal movie name here).  Once in a great while, I’m proven wrong but this is not the case for The Apparition.

The movie begins in the ’70s as group of paranormal psychologists conduct an experiment to try to communicate with a recently deceased colleague named Charles (the experiment would later go on to be cleverly named… The Charles Experiment).  The table shakes without the group touching it and in the end, we see a shadowy figure in the background in a photograph of the group but it seems like the experiment was more like a game with the Ouija board… nothing really happened and no one got hurt.

Years later, a group of college students get the brilliant idea to repeat the experiment and record it. Patrick (Tom Felton) the mastermind of the group, leads the experiment and when things get a little more intense than just some table shaking, he calls for the rest of his group to get out fast. Lights flicker, a ball of  energy is bouncing around the room and when Ben (Sebastian Stan) shines the camera light on another member of the group, Lydia, he sees her being pulled into the air by an unseen force. Guess you could say the experiment didn’t go so well.

In present time, Ben is now an electronic technician who is living with his girlfriend Kelly (Ashley Greene). The young couple just moved into a house owned by Kelly’s mother in a brand new development. It would appear that the nightmare is over for Ben until strange things start happening in their love nest.

Doors opening by themselves, a closet that was just neat and organized a second ago is now completely destroyed, the black mold that started to develop in a brand new house and then there was the death of the neighbors dog. The dog wandered into their house one day and found its way into the laundry room. It started staring at the wall and growling then all of a sudden had trouble breathing. It isn’t long before the couple decides that something is in the house.

Patrick has been emailing Ben for a while after the experiment, in fact he sends Ben a video of a second experiment. Kelly was unaware of Ben’s past life and even finds a video on his computer that shows exactly what happened to Lydia (and it’s pretty messed up).  After reaching out to Patrick for help, he ominously tells the couple “the house isn’t haunted, you are”.

The ending gets pretty confusing for a bit, after a long night of running from the evil apparition, Kelly finds her way into a Costco and into the camping section where she proceeds to crawl into a tent and zip up. Maybe she bored herself to sleep with this movie?  If you’re looking for a paranormal movie to watch, my suggestion is to spend your money on something else. If Greene is looking to launch her career now that the Twilight series is over, she’s off to a rough start.

Happy New Year From Eat Your Serial

Dearest Flakes,

We here at Eat Your Serial would like to wish you and your families the Happiest of New Years. As 2013 approaches we hope that we’ll be seeing even more of you clicking on our door. We resolve to offer you the best reading and entertainment out there as we have been for almost two years now. It is has especially been our pleasure this year as we changed our format to a web magazine and opening our online store—you have made 2012 incredibly fulfilling for us. We look forward to seeing you again in 2013 (and bring your friends with you! Everyone is invited to our year long reading party!). We’ve got plenty of tricks left for next year, so stick around, and check in regularly. We hope you all have a wonderful, exciting, fun, and fantastic New Year. Be safe out there tonight.

Best Regards and Wishes,

Eat Your Serial.


The Toast | Another Paranormal Activity…4

It is with a heavy heart that I write this review for you. I finally get some time to go out for a nice night at the movies this past weekend and I leave upset. There were two reasons for this: 1) The obnoxious teenagers talking loudly in front of

us (Nick Newert totally understands how I feel about this) and 2) The movie was a complete waste of $10.50.

The first mistake was going out on opening night of this movie; I should have known it was going to be packed and intolerable. I take partial blame for this. My second mistake was going to the movie itself. We went and saw Paranormal Activity 4, even against my better judgment. Now, this movie wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely something I should have waited until it was available for renting.
The movie is the fourth in the series that began as a small budget film. Part of the problem is that the writers/directors of this film have taken this story and driven it completely in the ground, which is the case for most popular franchises.
The film begins where the second one left off (yes, a little confusing) and it mentions that the whereabouts of Hunter and Katie are unknown. If you’re a little behind on the films, Katie is the woman who experiences the haunting in the first movie and Hunter is her nephew.

The Paranormal Activity series did not go in a set order. The first was about Katie and Micah and their experience, the next about Katie’s sister, Kristi and her family’s experience. The third took place when Kristi and Katie were just children, and the fourth… well… the fourth is a completely new family… or so we think it is.

After we learn that Katie (Katie Featherson) and her nephew were never found, the movie then starts following a small suburban family. Alex (Kathryn Newton) is recording her brother Wyatt’s (Aiden Lovekamp) soccer game when she notices a little boy staring blanking into the field. She doesn’t think much of it until later when they’re driving home and she points the young boy out to her mother Holly (Alexondra Lee). The boy turns out to be the neighbor’s child. Later that evening, there are ambulances and cop cars at the neighbor’s place. Holly announces that the neighbor boy, Robbie, will be staying with them a few days while his mother is in the hospital.

Strange things start happening when Robbie comes to stay, like for instance, Wyatt’s toys turn on by themselves or chandeliers fall for no reason. Alex decides to have her friend Ben (Matt Shively) help her set up cameras all around the house. The footage they find is really not all that terrifying and the kid talks to the Xbox (a little nod to Poltergeist). Pretty dull.

The movie picks up when it’s about 75% done, but even then, it didn’t really save it. It moved very slow and tried to use cheap scares to keep the movie interesting (a couple startled me, but the rest were too predictable). My suggestion is to wait until this comes out on DVD, to save yourself the money and if you’re not enjoying it, you can just turn it off. Here’s hoping there’s not a Paranormal Activity 5.




Written by: Katie Sperduti



The Toast | Foxglove Hearts Reviewed

This is not a normal review that I usually do about the EYS authors and their stories. Why is this one different? This story is not fully finished yet. I have been getting wrapped up in this story and look forward to every new chapter, and th

is week’s “review” gives my reasons of why you should also be looking forward to every chapter of “Foxglove Hearts” by Suzette Kramer.

Most girls went through a horse phase while growing up. I know a lot of the girls I grew up with rode horses and were pretty much obsessed. That bug never seemed to bite me, but there was something about “Foxglove Hearts,” which has a heavy equine theme, that really interested me.

The story begins with a young woman named Mallari Jones, who has just finished up her master’s degree, receiving a phone call in the middle of the night. In most cases, a phone call that wakes you up in the middle of the night is never good news and this call is no different.

The caller lets Mallari know that her parents have been in a horrible car accident. When Mallari arrives to the hospital, the nurse is only mentioning the condition her mother is in, but nothing about her father. I don’t want to spoil the story too much, but the fate of Mallari’s parents is not so good.

After a long struggle to keep her family’s farm afloat and to keep her family together, Mallari had to make the tough decision to sell her beloved White Cove Farms. With her sister, Staci, leaving for college in Mid-August, and the farm barely making it by, she knew she couldn’t handle running the place on her own any longer. After selling, Mallari found a new job and a new home at the prestigious Foxglove Acres.

The Monarque’s, the owners of Foxglove, were very generous to allow Staci to stay with Mallari until she left for school. What they didn’t expect when they arrived was Bryce Monarque.  When the Jones girls arrive at his home, he is immediately attracted to Mallari. Unfortunately for him, Mallari has a boyfriend and he’s the boss’s son. Not to mention, he’s also a bit of a player.

Speaking of Mallari’s boyfriend, Chad, they have a bit of an odd relationship. They’ve never had any sort of physical contact besides cuddling and holding hands. They started as best friends and it turned into more. When Mallari started moving to her new home, Chad seemed to be working more out of town. After helping her sister move into her dorm, Mallari decides to stop by and pick up the sunglasses she left at Chad’s apartment.  It was also an excuse to see him. She was getting sick of the long distance relationship and the fact he wasn’t returning her phone calls didn’t help either. What she discovers that night at his apartment changes the relationship between the two.

After that night, Mallari begins to regain focus on her job, there was a lot going on at the farm that needed her attention. Now that Chad is out of the picture, is that going to change her relationship with Bryce?

I’m excited to see where the story is going to go from here. The only downside of this story is the equine jargon. If you’ve never had any experience with it, it can throw you off a little, but not so much to where the story is no longer enjoyable. If you haven’t started reading Foxglove Hearts, there’s no better time than now.