How EYS Will Work

So by now we’ve gained your attention, and we’ve told you how to become a writer or an editor.  So what’s next?   Do you just want to be one of our awesome readers?  No problem… here’s what to expect:

Eat Your Serial is a simple concept.  We’re here to promote authors who need a little help in getting noticed and hopefully published someday.  We’re also here to give someone who is looking to waste a little bit of time in their day by reading a story on line.   You can’t read a book during work hours or the boss will can you, and you can’t read your Kindle or iPad at work for the same reason, but you sure can read everything on the internet. And who wants to carry something like a book or an e-reader around anyway?

Ok, Ok, maybe you’re one of those model employees who do work while they’re at work (how do you do it?!) and maybe this will be the stress relief at the end of your busy day. Just hop online and read a quick chapter on a new addition to a book each week.  EYS will practically hand you a perfect, organized reading schedule.  When life gets busy and you miss a few posts throughout the course of the serial, don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to read it in its entirety at the end and even buy the book!

Each day we will feature an author and their story, and it will be updated each week on the same day. In the beginning most of our works will be fiction stories of any genre, but in the future expect work of non-fiction, potentially graphic novels, and other forms of the written story.

The stories will vary in length, so you’ll be able to poke around the website for other things to read as well.  We are always looking for writers, editors, and active readers who will leave lots of comments and feedback for us and the stories!

Be on the lookout for this whole thing to start pretty soon… 😉



Editors Wanted.

Interested in being an Editor?   Like to edit stories and make fun of others, for their grammar?  This might just be the place for you.

How do you become one of our editors?    Well, this is how:

Submissions Should Include the Following:

Initial Editorial Submission
– Please inform us of past editorial experience (does not need to be professional)
– Please tell us preference of genre to edit
What You’ll be Doing:

– Work with writers to create a delivery schedule for new material.  This is key.  Considering the nature of serialized projects, it will be extremely important to have this schedule so that we can schedule the stories accordingly.
Schedule shall included:
– A set regular interval for the writer to provide you with new chapters
– A set period of time for you to return it to them with your edits
– A period of time to allow the two of you to go back and forth and agree on a finished chapter (don’t let this drag on for too long.  Stay strong!)
– A set date that you will provide the finished chapter to us here at EYS HQ.  Different writers work at different paces, so this could vary as wildly as a new chapter every week to a new chapter every two months.
With these schedules, we will be able to properly arrange for everyone’s work.
– Once the material is assigned, we ask our editors to sign a one page contract, assuring completion of project, as well as potential payment (Editors are entitled to a percentage of profits made from the stories they edit, if and when they are bought through Eat Your Serial’s website).

Still interested?  Send an email to submissions@eatyourserial with the subject line “Editor” and we’ll be in touch regardless.


The Eat Your Serial Staff

Writers Wanted.

Interested in being a Writer?   Well great!   All we want from you is a quick first submission.   We’ll review it, and if our review board loves it, we’ll set you up with an editor and get your stuff up on our site!

How do we do a submission?    Well, this is how:

Submissions Should Include the Following:

Story Outline/Synopsis of project being pitched
Original Content
Estimated Length – both of story and of chapters (Min 8, Max 52)
Writing Sample of 1-2 Chapters ONLY. It is preferred that the sample be from the story you wish to see published, though that is not required.
Stories can be in any genre, but we are not accepting any poetry or short stories at this time (we apologize).

Before Being Accepted For Publication
Please inform us if the work you’ve submitted to us has been published before, and where (this is not a problem).
Take note that publication on EYS is free promotion for your material.  You will receive compensation if/when your material is sold through the site.  You will retain all rights to your work after term completion.
We will assign you to an editor who will help you define a schedule.
Once Accepted
You will need 6 chapters (or 6 weeks worth) of material before your first publication date.
You will be asked to sign a general contract regarding schedules and rights as well as how to receive potential payment.
EYS will publish your story in its entirety.

Send all submissions to:

We will get back to you no matter if you are accepted for publication or not.   Look forward to reading your stuff!

-The Review Board, Eat Your Serial

Join the Eat Your Serial Family

Well, now that we’ve whet your appetite for some serialized fiction it’s time to answer some questions.  Namely that one from Office Space that we all know and love, “What would you say, ya do here?” and how do we do it?
In our first post, we briefly explained what a Serial is and that we hope to bring you amazing new stuff to read while you’re bored at work every single day.   We hope to engage our readers and grow an amazing community of readers, writers, and anyone else who isn’t one of these two things.

How can you become a part of the Eat Your Serial Family?

As a writer, your job is easy because all you have to do is… write.  The tough part comes in keeping to a schedule.  Give us a story that is going to be awesome.  Something that will keep people coming back week after week.   Once you finish your story, you’re free to shop it around to publishers OR just keep it as something you did for yourself as an accomplishment.
As an editor, your job is to keep the writer focused on meeting his deadlines, and of course being their first audience.  You will make sure all the grammar makes sense, but also – does the plot work?  You’ll be as much a part of the process as the writers themselves, and the glue that holds it all together.

Become a Writer

Become an Editor

Send all submissions to

Looking forward to having you join us at the breakfast table.